Canon ELAN 7 NE 35mm SLR Camera

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The EOS 7s / 30V / ELAN 7NE (Japanese/Asia-Pacific European/North American product names) and the EOS 33V / ELAN 7N (Asia-Pacific Europe/North America) are 35 mm film single-lens reflex cameras from Canon of Japan, launched in April 2004. The 7s/30V/ELAN 7NE employ Canon's Eye Controlled Focus mechanism while the 33V/ELAN 7N do not. These cameras were the replacements for the earlier EOS 30/33 model.

Perhaps the most important upgrade compared to the EOS 30/33 was the flash metering; this was the first film camera to support Canon's new E-TTL II flash metering system with compatible EX-series external flashes. The autofocus system received a mild upgrade from the earlier model and is equivalent to the system in the contemporaneous EOS 10D. A minor but significant improvement was a backlight for the LCD on the upper panel, allowing the camera's settings to be viewed without a flashlight at night. Other changes included raised letters and symbols on the camera's controls, and a changed external finish.

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