Canon SureShot Supreme 35mm Point & Shoot Camera

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The successor to the Autoboy 2 and the next-generation, fully automatic 35mm AF compact camera.

The camera grip is slanted so you don’t have to squint. The camera’s curving and rounded exterior was well received. The camera won many awards including the Good Design Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. In 1986, it was selected as the European Camera of the Year.

For active autofocusing, the camera uses a triangulation system with a near-infrared beam. An electronically-controlled programmed shutter is used for fully automatic program EE. The metering range is EV 6 (f/2.8 at 1/8 sec.) to EV 17

Camera Type: Point and Shoot
Interchangeable Lens: No
Film Type: 35mm
Auto or Manual Focus: Autofocus
Motor Drive or Manual Film Wind: Motordrive
Built in Light Meter: Yes
Built-In Flash: Yes
Battery Type: 2CR5 Lithium (1)
Useable Without Battery: No
Lens Mount: n/a
Lens Included?: Yes, integrated
Condition: 8.5/10
Year Manufactured: 1986
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