LEICA CL w/40mm Summicron + Original Black Leather Case

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Smallest Leica - check 

Smallest M-Mount system - check 

Internal through the lens light meter - check 

It's like an M6, but smaller and with cool side lug straps. 

introduced in 1973, the Leica CL was product of a joint venture between Leica and Minolta. Leica and Minolta's joint venture carried on from the early 70's to mid/late 80's resulting in a myriad of SLR's and Rangefinder cameras, all of which benefitted greatly from Leica's design and engineering capabilities in both the bodies and especially the lenses. The Leica CL had one special little lens built just for it though, the 40mm Summicron. While the CL is an M mount body, capable of utilizing any M mount leica lens as well as adapted screw mount leitz/canon/nikon/tokyo opt/rokkor lenses, it is the only body which featured the 40mm frame lines. 

This compact and well built little CL is ideal for travel, every day carry, and just a general good time, operating fully mechanically with or without a battery. The CL takes two 1.5v or a single 3v battery that has one function, powering the meter system, identical to the Leica M5 and M6. 

Photos are of actual camera and lens

Tested and guaranteed to be awesome.

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