LEICA IID 35mm Rangefinder Camera w/Elmar 3.5cm f3.5 Lens

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1932 Leica IID, Black Paint. The black paint doesn't help you shoot any better but it definitely adds a sleek, cool factor. Wise people used to say only two things in life were certain - Death and Taxes... well add a third, Black Paint Leica's will always go upwards in value. 

This 90 year old Leica II was Leica's first iteration of integrating a viewfinder and rangefinder into the same top plate. Unlike previous model 1's that required a rangefinder to be attached via the cold shoe. Additionally, the II has a Leica thread mount and therefore takes a massive range of LTM/M39/L39 lenses. It's a simple camera, not very many parts to fail and when cared for, as this one has been, they'll last another 100 years. 

Photos are of actual camera

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