LomoChrome Metropolis 110 Single Pack

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This Lomography specialty film is very versatile and can be shot anywhere between EI 100 to EI 400, giving you lots of room to play with the exposure depending on lighting conditions. It is more subtle and accessible in comparison with other specialty films such as the Lomochrome Purple, making it more of an everyday film. 

The Metropolis is well known for the subtle grungy/grainy look that it gives off, making it feel like it came straight from the 90s. It is desaturated with muted colors, which gives a Sepia-type look to the photos. 

Best results are obtained in low light or grey conditions, giving off more of that dramatic effect that this film is appreciated for. If shooting in harsh sunlight, it is recommended to shoot at EI 400 to avoid blowing out the highlights.
Format : 35mm
Film Speed (ISO/ASA): *
Film Type: Color Negative
Exposures Per Roll: 36 Exp.
Best For:
Chemical Process: C-41
Fresh or Expired : Fresh
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