Nikon S Rangefinder Camera 3 lens Kit

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The Nikon S was manufactured in 1951 and was the third camera model released by Nikon. This camera has a unique 24x34mm frame size allowing for a few more frames per roll. The Nikon S is a classic rangefinder without a doubt. This kit includes 3 Nikon lenses, wide angle, normal and telephoto.

Photos are of actual pieces for sale.

Camera Type: Rangefinder
Interchangeable Lens: Yes
Format : 35mm
Film Type: 35mm
Auto or Manual Focus: Manual
Motor Drive or Manual Film Wind: Manual
Built in Light Meter: No
Built-In Flash: No
Battery Type: n/a
Useable Without Battery: Yes
Lens Mount: Nikon S Bayonet Mount
Lens Included?: 3 lenses included; 3.5cm (35mm) f2.5, 5cm (50mm) f2, 13.5cm (135mm) f3.5
Condition: 8.5/10
Year Manufactured: 1951
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