Pentax ZX-10 w/35-80mm lens Semester Rental

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Rent a 35mm SLR for your next photo class.

Price is for One Semester Only.

This camera meets all requirements for your photography class 

  • manual exposure
  • interchangeable lenses
  • manual and autofocus
  • includes battery
  • camera bag
  • strap

The Pentax MZ-10, sold as ZX-10 in the USA, is an autofocus SLR-camera for 35mm film introduced in 1996. It is an early and lower priced model of the MZ/ZX series [1]. It was available in all black or silver/black, with or without data back or panorama function (switching to 13×36 frame format by a mask). Though the bayonet mount of the MZ-10 is made of plastic, it features the full KAF2-mount.

Besides the usual exposure modes like metered manual mode, shutter-priority AE mode and aperture-priority AE mode, the MZ-10 offers 5 picture modes which are optimized program modes for certain situations: green operation mode, portrait program mode, landscape program mode, close-up program mode and action program mode. These modes can be selected manually or automatically by the camera depending on the focal length and focus distance, this function is called smart picture mode. The selected mode is indicated in the viewfinder and on the LCD-panel beside the shutter button.

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