Sigma Filtermatic XQ 24mm Lens for Nikon F

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Built in filter system gives you incredible creative control. Works extremely well with digital mirrorless cameras (adapter required). This is not a lens to pass up. 

With 4 unique filters (yellow, orange, 80B and UV) built in to the lens you can produce incredible images with incredible ease. Changing filter style is as easy as rotating the ring on the front of the lens. With film cameras you will get the conventional effect, change in contrast for black and white film or color correction for color films. With digital cameras the effect is much more subtle and often yields very painterly look to the backgrounds of images.

Photo is of actual lens for sale.

Lens Type: Wide Angle Prime with 4 built in filters
Lens Mount : Nikon F, AIs
Maximum Aperture: f2.8
Application: Landscapes, street, lifestyle, group portraits,
Adaptable to Mirrorless Digital Cameras : Yes
Auto or Manual Focus: Manual
Condition: 8/10
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