Ricoh Mirai 105 Point & Shoot 35MM Camera

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While not our smallest point and shoot camera it may well be one of the coolest. Designed for easy use and high quality photos. Ergonomic design ensures proper two handed use helping to create clear, sharp images.

Small crack in body near lens, does not affect functionality.

30 day guarantee.

Camera Type: SLR, Rangefinder, Point and Shoot
Interchangeable Lens: Yes
Film Type: 35mm
Auto or Manual Focus: Manual
Motor Drive or Manual Film Wind: Manual
Built in Light Meter: Yes
Built-In Flash: Yes
Battery Type: 1.5v A76/S76 Coin Style
Useable Without Battery: Yes
Lens Mount:
Lens Included?: Yes
Condition: 8/10
Year Manufactured:
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