Nikon Nikonos IV-A Underwater Camera w/35mm f2.8

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  • Completely waterproof to depths of 160 feet (26.7 fathoms)

  • All-weather construction for safe use in rain, snow, sleet, hail, dust, sand...

  • Automatic aperture-priority exposure control

  • Accepts four interchangeable Nikonos/Nikkorlenses

  • Incorporates dedicated, auto- matic electronic flash system

  • Complete system of accessories for close-up photography

    No other camera in the world can come close to matching the specifi- cations of the Nikonos IV-A. It's a watertight, automatic exposure 35mm camera that offers a system of lenses and accessories plus dedicated flash operation. Capable of going down
    to depths of 160 feet without a special underwater housing, the self- contained Nikonos IV-A remains totally waterproof. In fact, its extraordin-
    arily rugged construction makes a

Nikonos the ideal camera to use in situations where you wouldn't risk a regUlar camera, from boating to mountain climbing or exploring caves.

The Nikonos IV-A is very easy to use, because exposures are auto- matic. Pressing the shutter release button halfway activates the camera's built-in exposure control system.

A highly-visible LED at the bottom of the bright albada viewfinder glows continuously if the exposure is within the camera's shutter speed range- 1/30 - 1/1000 sec. If the exposure is beyond this range, the LED blinks as a warning to readjust the aperture or use flash. Shutter speeds are stepless and electronically timed for precise exposures above or below the surface. The Nikonos IV-A may also be used at the mechanical "M" setting (1/90 sec.) or "B" for time exposures. Since illumination fades fast as you dive, a flash unit becomes an indispensable accessory. And with the Nikonos IV-A/Speedlight SB-101 combination, flash photography is as easy and mistake-proof as taking an available-light picture. When connected to the camera and activated, the SB-I0l automatically programs the Nikonos' shutter to the correct X-sync speed (1/90 sec.) and activates a viewfinder flash ready-light. The SB-I0l provides automatic flash exposure as well as manual with a power ratio control to facilitate close-up and synchro sunlight photography.

Oversized controls, from the shutter release to the focus and aperture controls on the lens, make it very easy to use the Nikonos IV-A, even when wearing gloves. And, the Nikonos system further extends the camera's capabilities. In addition to the SB-101 flash, four interchangeable Nikonos/Nikkor lenses are available as well as a special kit for close-up photography.

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