Canon 20mm f2.8 FD S.S.C. Lens

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Ultra Wide angle lens for your Canon AE-1, A1, F1, FTB. Adapts beautifully to mirrorless cameras with ease.

Excellent optics that show little to no age. No scratches, haze or fungus.

"There is no faster lens currently available in this focal length than the FD 20mm f 2.8. It is also unique in the kind of optical quality it offers to critical photographers. Perspective distortion is almost nonexistent, except for that which is NORMAL when wide-angle lenses are used to photograph close subjects. Like the FD 17mm f 4, it permits full viewing and focusing through the lens because it is of retrofocus (inverted telephoto) design. And, also like the 17mm f 4, the mount (barrel) of the lens itself acts as an effective lens shade. The fast aperture and wide angle-of-view of this Canon lens will make it popular among a wide range of photographers."

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