Kodak Portra 400 135-36 color negative film

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Portra 400 is easily one of the most popular color negative films there is—and for good reason! It’s incredibly versatile, very forgiving, and produces fantastic results every time!

  400 ISO is a great in-between - it’s great for our outdoor shooting as well as shooting in lower light. And for being a 400 iso film, it has a very fine grain.

 Portra has medium contrast and is known for its warm tones which make help it to reproduce skin tones well and make it ideal for portraiture.

Brand: Kodak
Format : 35mm
Film Speed (ISO/ASA): 400 ISO
Film Type: Color Negative
Exposures Per Roll: 36 Exp.
Best For: Portraits, weddings, fashion,
Chemical Process: C-41
Fresh or Expired : Fresh
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