Kodak Tri-X Pan 400tx 135-36mm B&W film

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Kodak Tri-X is one of the most popular films, not just in the black and white world, but of all film. It’s known for its classically beautiful grain that hasn’t changed since 1954, as well as its song contrast and amazing exposure latitude.

Tones are rich, leaving you with dark blacks and bright pure whites when shot in contrasty light. 

It is very versatile and works for pretty much any type of photography. Good for photographing dimly lit subjects and fast action. It’s also commonly used for street photography and is a beautiful portrait film as well. 

Brand: Kodak
Format : 35mm
Film Speed (ISO/ASA): 400 ISO
Film Type: Color Negative
Exposures Per Roll: 36 Exp.
Best For: Street scenes, portraits, weddings, documentary
Chemical Process: Traditional B&W
Fresh or Expired : Fresh
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