Nikon F100 Professional 35mm SLR Camera

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Metering System: TTL full-aperture exposure metering system. Three metering systems selectable (limitations with lens used): 3D Matrix Metering, Center-Weighted Metering: 75% of the meter's sensitivity concentrated on the 12mm dia. circle, Spot Metering: 4mm dia. circle (approx. 1% of entire frame).

Usable Lenses: All AF, AF-I and AF-S NIKKOR lenses provide full AF and metering operation. AI-P lenses provide manual focus with electronic rangefinder and full metering operation. AI lenses provide manual focus with electronic rangefinder, aperture priority and manual exposure mode, Center-Weighted and Spot metering operation.

Film Advance: Automatic advance with built-in motor; S, C, Cs, selectable; (S: for one frame advance, C: Continuous shooting, Cs: Continuous silent low-speed shooting).

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