Canon Speedlite 577G Set

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"The Canon Speedlite 577G is an extremely powerful handle-mount flash unit with external power supply designed expressly for professional use. Engineered to function with Canon SLR cameras and other cameras having direct contact accessory shoes or standard PC terminals, the 577G is an advanced thyristorized system flash featuring three automatic flash ranges plus automatic bounce flash and a high Guide Number of 157 with ISO/ASA100 film. A remote flash sensor mounts on the camera's accessory shoe to provide accurate automatic exposure control regardless of the position or bounce angle of the flash , even when it is used off-camera or aimed away from the subject, eg: into a flash umbrella, etc. The Transistor Pack G portable power supply can be loaded either with a battery magazine containing six (6) "c" size Alkaline batteries or with the Canon Ni-Cd Pack TP self-contained Ni-Cd battery system"


  • Type: Thyristorized computer flash w/series control system
  • Attachment: Canon One-Touch Bracket Synchronization: Through separate sensor unit mounted on camera's direct contact shoe or with sychro cord
  • Guide Numbers: (ISO/ASA 100, feet): Normal -15.7 92 with Wide Adaptor 577G-24 79 with Wide Adaptor 577G-20 207 with Tele Adaptor 577G Flash
  • Coverage: For 35mm format covers angle of view of 35mm lens without adaptors 24mm lens with Wide Adaptor 577G-24 20mm lens with Wide Adaptor 577G-20 1OOmm lens with Tele Adaptor 577G
  • Recycling Time: With Alkaline-Manganese batteries: approximately 18 seconds With NiCd batteries: approximately 7 seconds
  • Number of Flashes: Alkaline-Manganese batteries: 100-1000 allowing 30 seconds between flashes NiCd batteries: 75-750 allowing 30 seconds between flashes
  • Color Temperature: Same as Daylight Flash Duration: 1/400th-1/50,000th second
  • Flash Control System: Automatic flash sensor measures light reflected back from subject and cuts output when sufficient illumination is sensed
  • Metering Sensitivity pattern: Average measurement
  • Auto Flash Ranges: Three different flash ranges are provided for flexibility and control of depth-of-field
  • Auto Apertures: (ISO/ASA 100): Red-f2.8 Green-f5.6 Yellow-f11
  • Dimensions: 27 /. x 4'/4 x 95 /. inches Weight: 2H16 ounces
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