Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35mm Rangefinder Camera

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Beautiful details and fine German craftsmanship make the Contessa a must have camera.

Integrated Zeiss Tessar 45mm f2.8 T Lens!

Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 is a 35mm film folding/rangefinder camera, manufactured by Zeiss Ikon AG., Stuttgart, former West Germany, and produced between 1950-55. Zeiss catalog no. is 533/24.

Contessa 35 series was a high end 35mm folding cameras. Although dating from the early 1950s, it has all the classic looks of the 1930s and even in its day would have appealed to the traditionalists looking for new technology in a classic guise. Zeiss Ikon took all detail into account for design and built, highly over-engineered by today's standard, the feel of them is different.

Contessa was the name given to a family of cameras produced by Zeiss Ikon in Stuttgart that folders between 1950-1955 and compact rangefinder/viewfinder cameras between 1960-1971. These were mid to high-end cameras. Non-folding cameras were ContessaContessamatic and Contessamat.

Camera Type: SLR, Rangefinder, Point and Shoot
Interchangeable Lens: no
Format : 35mm
Film Type: 35mm
Auto or Manual Focus: Manual
Motor Drive or Manual Film Wind: Manual
Built in Light Meter: no
Built-In Flash: No
Battery Type: n/a
Useable Without Battery: Yes
Lens Mount: n/a
Lens Included?: Yes
Numeric Rating (1-10): 8/10
Year Manufactured:
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